Sunday, January 14, 2007

Livestock Deserve Protection From Loose Pets

One of the PEAK members dog got out and while on a neighbors property was shot. There have been a lot of emails offering sympathy and maintaining that the dog shouldn't have been shot and that it should be against the law to shoot a dog even if it is in your yard. Part of me agrees.

But another part of me recognizes that there are times when it is necessary to shoot a dog that is on your property even IF it is your neighbors beloved pet. For instance someone in my parents neighborhood allowed their dogs to roam free ( or maybe they just escaped from the yard or house they were in) the dogs got in the pasture while my parents were away and killed the sheep my father was raising at the time. They didn't kill just one sheep they killed practically every sheep he had until they were shot by another neighbor that saw what was happening.

I don't know the whole story behind the PEAK members dog being shot. I do know they live in a rural area so the shooter could very well have been protecting their livestock. Even the sweetest pet will follow it's instincts and attack livestock, unless they are trained not to. So I am unwilling to condemn the shooter out of hand. Yes, I know the PEAK member was going to get her dog as soon as she could throw some clothes on; but it only takes a second for your pet dog to seriously injure or kill someones pet or livestock, they have every right to protect it. For all I know the shooter was just some mean old coot who shot the dog because he/she was tired of dogs running around his/her property, in which case it was a shame. But the bottom line should be that you attempt to keep your dog off other peoples property. You wouldn't let you child run rampant in the neighborhood you shouldn't let your pet.

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