Monday, October 01, 2007

Gifts for Goat Lovers

Buying gifts for guys can be so............................challenging. So here are some ideas for the goat lover in your life.

Goat shaving cream ~ Udder Delight's Ceramic Shaving Mug Set made a wonderful Christmas present. The mug comes in a wide variety of colours, you are sure to find the perfect shade for anyones decor.

Comfrey from Horizon Herbs makes an ideal Father's Day present. Just be sure to tell the lucky guy ahead of time so he'll have a bed ready to plant the roots in once they arrive.

Goat cheese ~ Igourmet has a variety of goat cheese to try. You can go with their Goats Milk Cheese Crate or create your own. I went with a Belle Chevre created in Alabama's first goat cheese dairy, a Chocolate Capri Log by Westfield Farm and a Cranberry Chevre with Cinnamon arranged on a bamboo cutting board and accompanied by Walnut Crackers for Goat's Milk Cheese


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