Monday, June 19, 2006

The Pitfalls of Photographing Goats

Since I have a digital camera it seemed a simple assignment. Take a "few" pictures of Daddy's goats. Alas with goats nothing is simple. First there was the height factor. Since I am considerable taller then the goats, the only way to take a decent picture was to knell. Unfortunately goats go to the bathroom wherever they like.............So not only did I have to worry about getting the perfect shot, I had to watch where I knelt to boot.

Of course the goats saw me kneeling in the pasture as an invitation to come check out that odd critter roaming their territory. One goat seemed to think my hair smelled edible. Most were satisfied with a pat on the nose. Although I have to admit it was nice to see the devotion Daddy invoked. No sooner did Daddy step foot in the pasture then the goats came leaping to him. Dogs certainly don't have anything on goats for devotion, it's easy to see they adore Daddy (maybe because he feeds them). But it's really hard to take a picture when your subject comes walking up to you. I got a lot more close ups then I intended.

Then there was the matter of a "few" goats. Having finished taking pictures of the goats in the lower pasture I assumed I was through. Not so, there was goats in the barn, and goats in the upper pasture. In fact there were goats everywhere. Several of the nanny's looked like they were ready to give birth. There weren't any newborns unfortunately. I think they are adorable when they are first born (all wobbly legs), but the kids were cute and playful.

Now if I can only get Daddy to milk the goats next time we are up. ..................................

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