Sunday, July 09, 2006

Big Brother and Livestock

A program to require identification of livestock will become mandatory in three to five years. The Mississippi Press has a timely article about this controversial program.

First there is the issue of how much the program will cost.

Even the USDA is not sure how much this program will cost. Because of the massive scope of the NAIS, where it affects the entire livestock and poultry industry, the USDA says paying for the program will be done jointly between government and the producers. The USDA has already spent $18.8 million on developing the identification system, and requested an additional $33 million last year.
Then there is the fact it will drive many small ranchers out of bushiness.

According to the Rev. J. B. Davis, who has land near the Central community in George County; "If the intent is to control mad cow disease and other diseases like that," Davis said, "then I guess it is OK But, if the intent is to give the government another way to control people and put their noses into peoples business, then I am not for it. I am afraid this is going to put the little guy out of business." Davis, who is 75, and has health problems, is one of the little guys who are going out of business when this program becomes mandatory, he said. He has kept a herd of up to 100 cows for more than 50 years. "I am not going to be physically able to keep up with the additional work that will be involved or with the paperwork."

Not to mention the privacy issue.........................................

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