Sunday, August 06, 2006

Boer Goats ~N~ Homeschooling
One of the really wonderful things about homeschooling is you can pick up and take your school with you wherever you need to go. When Stonewall was under the weather Lord Epa and I took a trip to Meridian to tend to his cats, dog, chickens and goats. Here are some of the things Lord Epa learned.
  • Do not put chicken eggs in your pocket, so you won't drop them. When you bend down to catch the runaway hen they will crack.
  • The runaway hen will stop to eat the chicken egg. Yes, chickens are cannibals.
  • Pick the runaway hen up by the neck so she can't peck or scratch you.
  • Goats like to eat early in the morning.
  • Goats will run over you to get to their food
  • And last but not least, Little Bit loves going for walks.........................
To learn more about homeschooling when we aren't on the farm, visit my blog Home~schoolers Rule.



LOL! Eggs in your pockets are definitly not safe and a happy mother does not make when she goes to do the laundry!


Alasandra said...

You can say that again. Luckily he was able to get the largest part of the mess out of his pocket and he did warn me before I did the laundry. What a nasty suprise that would have been otherwise. ;>)

Debra said...

haha I used to collect the eggs into the bottom of my shirt, held out like a pocket. Most of the time it was fine and I could bring out 20 or so eggs that way. But sometimes... oops!

And by the neck? Nah.. brag those crazy birds by the legs, hang 'em upside down. If they flap and fight, just push the head down (upside down bird!). The blood runs to their head and they pass out in a hurry. They come back just as fast when you put them down again. :)